Nicole Van-Proyen

Teacher Aide

About Me

Position: Teacher Aide
Degrees: Sociology, Psychology
Experience: 3 Years in Preschool Education
Hobbies: Photography, Exploring, Camping, Collages, Learning
Email: Not Available


I am privileged and honored to be a wife to my husband of twenty-two years and a mom to two adult teenagers. I am particular about banana consumption, enjoy hearty sneezes, love other people’s junk, am a great napper and self-medicate with dark chocolate. I prefer people over procedures, flip flops over heels, vacuuming over dusting, the country over the city, and simple over extravagant. I am energized by seeing personal growth in others and get excited when I can participate in the process. This contributes to my desire to work with preschool children as so much development takes place in their early years.