*Extended Care is offered to all students. For each extended hour, you will be charged $90 /mo. Please see the FAQ below:

Pre-Primary2 - 3 years$895/mo

Average Daily Rate: $50.85

  • Enrichment
  • Sensorial Education
  • Mathematics
  • Practical Life
  • Language Arts
Primary3 years - Kindergarten$795/mo

Average Daily Rate: $45.17

  • Enrichment
  • Sensorial Education
  • Mathematics
  • Practical Life
  • Language Arts
EnrichmentAll agesFree

Additional lessons in all classrooms.

  • Science
  • Geography
  • Spanish
  • Music & Art
  • Physical Education

Frequently Asked Questions

No, ETCM is a full-day/full-week program. We do realize for very young children that it can be stressful for them to attend a full day right at the beginning. We will offer a transition for these children (for up to 6 weeks) and they may leave half-day (everyday around Noon), with the eventual goal being to stay full-day within six weeks. We do not offer any discount off the tuition during this transition period.

Tuition is based on a daily rate (please see current tuition policy in downloadable forms) and payable in equal monthly installments due by the 1st of each month. For instance, for the 2017-2018 school year (Sept – June) there are a total of 176 school days. The daily rate for Primary (3-6 years old) is $45.17 per day. 176 x 45.17 = $7949.92 is the yearly tuition for September – June. Take $7949.92 and divide it into 10 equal monthly payments = $794.992 which we round up to $795 per month. Preprimary (2-3 years old) has a different daily rate which is higher.

Yes. We take the total number of days left in the school year and use the same formula. Therefore, your average monthly tuition may be different than what is listed on the tuition policy.

Daily care from 8:15 – 3:45 Monday – Friday. The school day is from 8:30 – 3:30 with 15 minutes grace before and after for drop-off and pick-up. Also included in your tuition is the weekly PERK club physical education program (Primary only).

No, parents are required to provide a nutritious lunch daily for their child. Please avoid food and drinks with high sugar content which can interfere with learning and contribute to behavioral problems as well as being detrimental to a child’s health. In addition, each family signs up for one specific week during the school year to purchase snacks for all the children. We will provide a list of pre-approved snacks.

Yes. We offer prepaid extended care for families that need it on a daily basis and also unscheduled extended care for occasional use. Please see the tuition policy for a detailed explanation of extended care usage. Since extended care needs are different for each family, if you have further questions about how much extended care will cost and need help calculating the amount, please let us know.

The application is a one-time fee for new children. It is $100 which also covers a year membership to support our work in El Centro de Comunidad, Colonia Tecolote, Tijuana.

The $500 non-refundable, tuition-reducing deposit is required for new families and also for returning families when it is re-enrollment time (typically in March). This deposit is required to hold your child’s space for the upcoming (or new) school year. The deposit will be credited back towards tuition on the March invoice. When it is re-enrollment time for the following year, another $500 deposit will be required to continue to hold your child’s spot.

The supply fee is an annual fee that covers ALL school supplies and teaching materials for your child. It is billed on the first invoice of the school year (September). If you enroll later in the year, the supply fee is pro-rated on a monthly basis.

Yes, please see below:

Snack: We ask each family to purchase a week’s work of snack items. Each family signs up for one specific week during the school year to purchase snacks. We provide the list of items to buy. The cost is approximately $120. Each family that does not sign up to purchase snack during the year, there will be a charge of $120 on the last invoice (June).

Bedding: Each child is required to purchase a bedding and bag from the school. The cost is $60 and is yours to keep. Replacement beddings & bags can be ordered.

Community hours: We ask each family to complete 30 service hours (15 for single parents) during the school year. For each incomplete service hour, there will be a $15 charge on the last invoice (June).

Late Fees: $25 for payments received after the 1st of the month (unless prior arrangements have been made with the Director).

Insufficient funds: $25 fee for returned checks

Late Pick-up after 5:30 PM: $2 per minute – charged on the following invoice

We have a 60-day withdrawal notice form for you to fill out. Families are responsible to pay for the 60-day notice period whether actively attending or not. Tuition will be pro-rated upon the withdrawal date to ensure that all days attended have been paid.

No allowances, discounts or credits will be made for illness, vacations, withdrawal for a month (or half) during this ten month period of time. However, we do want to know if your child will be absent, so please let us know (call or e-mail the office) when vacations or sickness come up.

Yes. We offer a 5% tuition discount for siblings attending concurrently (the first child is full tuition). We also offer a 5% tuition discount for active military parents. Discounts can only be applied to the tuition portion of an invoice. Discounts do not apply to extended care or other fees.